Here are some settings that I recommends for Warzone. These settings will help improve your responsiveness, accuracy and vision of your surroundings. You are free to tweak and change the settings as you like, this is just what I prefer and think that would be generally good for most people.

Keyboard & Mouse

First we start with mouse options under the Keyboard & Mouse settings. The default is 12 but I recommend that you change the mouse sensitivity down to 6. This will help you get better aim and give you more accuracy and consistency with your shots.

Mouse Sensitivity6.00


Next stop is the movement settings under Keyboard & Mouse settings. You should disable the Parachute Auto-Deploy feature as this will allow you to enable the parachute closer to the ground and therefore minimizing the ability for others to shoot you down while gliding.

Parachute Auto-DeployDisabled


Now we move on to the General settings. First we start with the screen settings. Change the field of view to 120. This is the maximum and gives you the most visual in the game which is a huge advantage. However if you are looking for the best performance the game can give you set it to 90.

Next you should also change the brightness to 60 (if you are playing on a computer with a NVIDIA graphics card I will later show you how to further increase the quality of color, brightness/contrast and sharpen effects which will give you another advantage).

SettingBest performance (less FPS)Best FPS
Field of View90120
Colorblind TypeDeuteranopiaDeuteranopia

Further down on under General settings you will find accessibility and HUD. Even though you are not colorblind, changing the colorblind type to Deuteranopia gives you much better visibility in game. The second change you should do here is setting the Mini Map Shape to square as this will give you more information on the mini map.


We start with NVIDIA Reflex Low Latency and change this to “Enabled + Boost”.

SettingBest performance (less FPS)Best FPS
Sync Every Frame (V-Sync)DisabledDisabled
Custom Framerate LimitUnlimitedUnlimited
NVIDIA Reflex Low LatencyEnabled + BoostEnabled + Boost

Graphics – Details & Textures

I personally use the settings for best FPS because I have a high end gaming computer along with a high end graphics card.

The picture below shows settings for best performance. Use this is you have an average gaming computer.

SettingBest performance (less FPS)Best FPS
Streaming QualityNormalNormal
Texture ResolutionLowNormal
Texture Filter AnisotropicLowHigh
Particle QualityLowHigh
Bullet Impacts & SprayEnabledEnabled
On-demand Texture StreamingEnabledEnabled
Daily Download limit (GB)1.064.0
Texture Cache Size (GB)1664

Graphics – Shadows & Lightning

If you have a high end gaming computer I recommend using the settings for best FPS.

For average gaming computers you’ll want to use the best performance settings.

The table on the right shows what is difference. Just set the rest of the settings under Shadows & Lightning to disabled, like shown in the picture below.

SettingBest Performance (less FPS)Best FPS
Shadow Map ResolutionLowNormal
Cache Spot ShadowsDisabledEnabled
Cache Sun ShadowsDisabledEnabled

Graphics – Post Processing Effects

And at last we have arrived to the Post Processing Effects settings. There is no difference here for best performance and best FPS.

Enable NVIDIA DLSS as this will give you a huge boost in FPS. Set everything else to disable, off or 0 as the picture below shows.


NVIDIA Graphics card

If you are playing on a computer with a NVIDIA graphics card go ahead and install the GeForce Experience if you haven’t already done so. This will give you access to NVIDIA’s in-game overlay by pressing ALT + Z on your keyboard while being in the game. Here you will find many cool features but we are going to focus on the Game Filter settings (you can go directly to this by pressing ALT + F3 on your keyboard while being in the game).

Click on either 1, 2 or 3. The last option is OFF to turn these settings off if you want to see the difference. For this guide I will be using 1. Here we are going to add Color, Brightness/Contrast and Details. Use the settings below and see how much better the game looks. With these settings you have a huge advantage over players who are using the default settings.

Other Tips & Tricks

If you are gaming on a computer with Windows 10 and are experiencing stuttering or instability then try turning on or off Hardware-accelerated GPU scheduling. Just set the setting to the opposite of what it was on. This setting is a collaboration between Microsoft and NVIDIA and for some users it’s an improvement to turn it on and for some it’s better to turn it off. You just have to test and see what works best for you.

This setting can be found under Settings -> System -> Display – Graphics settings.

Another important thing to do in Windows on your gaming computer is to change your power settings to high performance. This is to make fully use of all the power your computer has. Go to Control Panel -> Power Options and click on Show additional plans.

Under there you will find High performance. Just click on it to activate it.

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