Last updated on June 12, 2022

OBS is my choice of streaming software and here is an overview of my settings. Remember to run OBS in administrator mode as this will help your stream if your resources are being maxed out by your game. Windows by default give preference to games when they are open on your computer. This means that OBS has limited access to your GPU which can cause dropped frames and lag. By running in Administrator mode your computer can tap into more of your GPU resources.


Let’s start with the settings that I use for YouTube. It is recommended that you stream from a cabled connection and not from wireless, although wireless should be fine if you have a modern wireless system at home.


The only comment here is the bitrate. The optimal value depends on your upload speed and hardware. If you want to stream in 1080p 60 FPS on Twitch, set the bitrate to 6000 Kbps. Don’t go any higher than 6000 Kbps if you are streaming on Twitch. YouTube supports higher bitrates than Twitch, as you can see in my example I use 10000 Kbps.

On the audio tab I have put every track to 320.


Important note here. For the base resolution, always choose your native resolution.

Then on output resolution choose your preferred resolution you want to stream in. You can either do as me and stream in your native resolution or you can set it lower.


The only settings here that you should try to match are the video section.

That’s it! The rest of the settings you can play around with yourself.

Side note: On audio I use a sample rate of 48 kHz on stereo.