Last updated on January 8, 2023

Here are the recommended settings in NVIDIA Control Panel for those with an NVIDIA graphics card.

First step is to turn on Use the advanced 3D image settings. Go to Adjust image settings with preview and make sure it’s turned on. This should be on by default, but if it’s not, then turn it on.

Next step is to configure the Manage 3D settings, you can either click on it in the menu on the left or click on Take me there as shown in the picture above.

Before you start you can click on the Restore button to make sure everything is default when you start out.

The pictures below shows the recommended Global Settings. These are the settings which will work best overall.

However, if you have a game or program where you experience problems with any of these settings, you can go to Program Settings and select the program and then turn on/off settings. The settings you change will then only affect the program you have chosen.

Note: On DSR – Factors: Just select everything you can in the drop down menu.
Note: On the Texture filtering settings you only need to change the Quality setting. Whatever you choose here will change all the other Texture filtering settings. There are two choices here, choose either Quality or Performance. DO NOT choose any of the high settings as these will cause problems.